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2 years 1 entry

Read an old post of mine, and then there is one post said, last update is 2012 and I update again is in 2014. Then today. Last update is 2014 and today is already 2016. Hahahahaha. what a life.

Getting older. Some interests already change. Some still remain. Still looking for what I want to do. Feel contemp about my life, nothing interest me much, I just want to be in peace. Sad when see the world war. Sad when see people say anything they want without worry how much their words can hurt others. This is serius issues, don't you feel anything because of your words could make someone commit suicide.

Everyone can have their own opinion but please respect others. Do not comment on how one person looks, or something that God already created. It's not their fault that they look like that. You lucky if you born with complete set of human, have a beauty, have a money, have a brain (please use it properly). Please remember not all people are lucky, but different make us human.

Would you ever wish ur life is different?

In our life, (most of our, I guess), we always thought of "What if,....".

Are you ever wish that ur life could be different? Me, yehh sometime, but whenever it's crossover, I would definitely change it again to "Nahhh my life is better". Just to make me feel better I guess. What I'm rambling here? I make a promise that I would improve my english but if I haven't start any writing when will my english get improved? Even start with only a few sentence, I feel it's already bad. But who care. There is no one gonna read this and if there is, they have much more better thing to do then reading my stupid writing.. Hahaha so I just go over it, and don't care what ever happen, whether it's correct and just let it go.

I love my life. It's may be slow, as at age 30, I only got some of my dream come true. You would say that I'm lucky that my dream come true, but what if I say, my dream is so simple, that others people most get it in early 20s. But better late than nothing right.

I love my life. I'm smart not too smart but I'm not dumb. I have money, not so much but at lease I'm not starving. Have a place to stay, loving parent, awesome friend, even sometime I wish I have more friends but I'm bad at getting a new friends, so lets just stick to on what I already got.. Enjoy my alone time, and now I'm working hard to keep some money so I can go travel to Japan as other wish to make come true.

I keep thinking that "What if I never jump into fandom community?" Do I still be the one I'm right now. I'm not sure. Sometime I wish I never been in this, because fandom really take a lot of my time. I feel stupid imagine something not real from real things. But now, I don't think I can stop anymore. it's like a cancer, I know it's bad, but i cannot get rid of it.

I start with Super Junior (korean) then move to Arashi (Japan) and now to Supernatural. And believe me, got into supernatural fandom is much more intense and really2 bad as there are so many good fanfic, well most of them are actually fluent in English so of course their writing much better, not say from other fandom is not, just most of them like me, someone that English not first language and too much imaginary and bummmm fanfic.. With superjunior, I only have to imagine based on writing, but then in Arashi, there doujinshi. So it's more help with ur imagination, but then when I come to supernatural, there are actual pic (well of course being photoshop) but, it's way too real.. Yeahh there it's goes. What happen to my life???? facepalm.. I think I don't have a real life anymore..

Long time of no posting...

Last time was in 2012.. Woahh long time already.. But since then, a lot of things happen in my live. My life change so much, as a result to go out from my comfort zone. But yeah no regret. I'm not suppose to regret. Que Sera Sera.

Walking through depress season on 2013, then take crazy action without any backup plan, and finally new life in 2014.. Learn back how to smile but payment for my time. Too much extra time in 2013 and no time in 2014.. But hey nothing is perfect, you gain something but you also lose something.

I create this blog before to improve my English. But still, my English still on the same track. Not getting better. Getting worse? Impossible right? Hahahaha..

Try learning Japanese last year, but stop in the middle. My obsession with Arashi, is getting lower as my free time no longer longer (does this make sense). As long I'm the one who can understand.

To those who break the rules, now we all face the consequence. I really want to ask, are you happy with this? Please don't take advantage on others people hard work. Put urself on their place and see what you feel if someone else do the same thing to you.

All I want is world peace, but seem nowadays, it's the most difficult things to get.

What do you think about this picture?

Aweeee soo sweet, and so cute...


Arashi Questionaire

Found this in tumblr and decide to write my own version. Damn I never good with choice.. 
Arashi Questionaire

1. Who is your ichiban?
Ninomiya Kazunari

2. What personality do you like about your ichiban?
His brattyness, his smart outwitted.

3. What character you least like about your ichiban? 
How he easily avoid being embarrased by turning it to other people or other questions. For example when they say he was a girl during past life. I want they tease him more on that, but he easily avoid by asking back, "am I human?"... I do love his smart outwit but sometime I want to see him trapped.. Lol evil me.. 

4. Have you ever shifted the ichiban status from one member to another?
Sometimes, to Ohno satoshi but then always revert back to Nino.

5. Do you have a niban?
Ohno Satoshi

6. Which pairing do you like most?
Ohmiya, Aimiya, Sakumiya, Matsumiya... See I love all with Miya... lol
7. Do you like Member-Ai and yaoi fan fiction stories or even just the thought of it? 

8. Do you have a member you loathe? If there is, who?

9. Who is the member you think would do best in bed?
Ermm I always think that everyone would have their own special.. So I don't know..

10. Who is the member you think most as lustful?

11. Who is the member you think has the most number of girlfriends, flings included?

12. Who is the kindest member? 

13. Who is the meanest member?

14. Who is the funniest member?

15. What is the thing you least like about Arashi?
None. I accept their good and bad side. No one is perfect. Well I love them because of their dorkiness, so for some people it's stupid but to me it's attraction. 

16. When did you get to know Arashi and how?
I start to know through Jun on Gokusen, but then I'm not Arashi fan yet. Then I also watch Hanadan and Kimi wo petto but still not become a fan. And then I watch Nino in Ryusei No Kizuna and  Yamada Taro (yes I watch Yamada Taro later) and then BAMMM I falled for him. And then start to know Shukudai, and starting then I falls for all Arashi members because of their dorkiness.. lol 

17. Who baited you to Arashi?
Opps.. Read 16. 

18. Who was the member you thought as least attractive?
At first, Ohno. Because first I see him in Pikanchi. He really ugly and look stupid in there, but after know more about him, the more I found him cute. Well, my mum say never hate someone too much cos you might end up like the person more.

19. Who was the member you thought as weird, unearthly?
Ohno.. Don't you ever wonder about him. 

20. Which Arashi DVD you like most? 
SCENE.. I wish I can go to one of their concert. 

21. Which performance you like most?
There so many. Attack it from Scene.. 

22. Which is your favorite Promotional Video?
Troublemaker.. Arghh I'm not so sure. I can't pick which I like the most.

23. Which is your favorite song?
A day in our life and truth

24. Which drama that starred Arashi members you liked most?
Ryusei No Kizuna and Kagi no Heya for latest. 

25. Who was the actress you liked most paired to them?
Mao and Yuriko Yoshitaka. Haha I kind of like Yoshitaka weird personality. 

26. Which variety show hosted by either just one of the members or all of them you liked most?
Arashi ni Shiagare.. Ermm I kind of like all of their show. 

27. What is the coolest coincidental commonality with you and Arashi or one of the members?
I'm Gemini too and my birthday is just a week before Nino.. So I have same personality as Nino, not all just some.. "Simple yet complicated".. 

28. Have you daydreamed about a s e x u a l escapade with the Arashi members? 
Hahaha, no. I just want to see them kiss each other.. Am i weird?

29. Have you thought about leaving the fanbase?
Yupp.. Since I spend too much on fanbase and I really need to find real life. But Arashi is my life. 

30. What is the force that keeps you to stay in the fanbase?
Simply because they are Arashi. 

Okay, sorry because some of answer, ermm I don't know how to say this, but I really hate to choose. If this question appears again, some of it, the answer will change. I love random thing, so I listen to their song randomly. Not watching their drama accorting to time, as I'm now looking for Sho drama where he act as kindergarden teacher.. 


Chibi Arashi

Yay another Arashi Cartoon I found... Keep it, Keep it...

I take it from here


Believe Animation PV

I love this PV.. I love it when they convert Arashi to Cartoon.. 


Maiga Family

Okay, I didn't draw this, but I really want to share this.. Taken from here.
I really love Maiga Family... hehe

Random Picture



Credit: Tumblr: Koibumi